Hi! I’m Rachel. Thanks for visiting my page!

I am a creative media missionary in South East Asia. This means I work with Evangelistic Movies, Music Videos and Art Videos. I am a student of culture and I’m always learning new ways to understand people and how they can receive the gospel.

The mission statement of my ministry is this:

“The vision of Create International is to communicate the message of Jesus Christ in ways that people can understand from their cultural and linguistic background, using tools that can be widely circulated and used by church planting teams, local churches, believers, missionaries, and various organizations.

At Create International Thailand we produce movies, art, websites, and photography to mobilize workers, prayer, finances, and help ministries communicate the gospel to the unreached.” -createthailand.com

I’ve been in Asia for 10 years, and I wear many hats. Here’s a list of my jobs:

  1. Himalayan Team Advocate: I carry a heart for the T!bet@n Buddhist World/ Himalayan Region, and I work to research, network and get projects for any of the multiple thousand dialect groups in this region. At this point, I am also doing the projects myself, praying for a small team.
  2. Visual Arts for Missions School Leader: I am working with another woman to pioneer this training school (as mentioned above) for the first time in Chiang Mai. I’m networking with other YWAM bases, doing marketing and research, scheduling guest speakers and recruiting potential students.
  3. EthnoArts Consultant: I have had training from some of the top ethnoarts workers and ethnomusicologists in this part of the world, how to research cultural art forms and work with local people to develop them to share the gospel, and worship Jesus in their own cultural ways. Currently this is being used in “Pre-Production” research for our video, and art projects, as well as teaching in our various training schools here.
  4. Create Thailand Leadership Team: I am one of 5 people on the Leadership Team here, as we are working towards having the whole of Create Thailand running on “Shared Leadership” instead of just one leader out front.
  5. Worship Leader: I am one of 2 worship leaders here that serve our office by leading worship once a week.
  6. Artist Plus: Painting, and motion graphics editing, video editing, Makeup & Costumes Coordinator on Production.

I also am involved in the worship band at my local Thai church, The Light. This involves worship practices and being involved on Sundays, as well as some local outreaches, etc.


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